Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 have a great Goals module that can be used to track progress toward goals, like sales quotas or activity counts. Out of the box, they’re pretty robust, allowing you to track both a target goal and stretch goal. Goals even have special charts that help visualize progress quickly. But, for some reason the charts omit displaying the stretch goal, even though it’s an out-of-the-box goal field… If you try to edit the chart, you’ll notice it is a “Managed” solution object, and because it’s not a standard chart type it can’t be changed much.

So what if you want to personalize your Goal charts a little more than that?

In this example, we’ll clone the “Actual vs. Estimated Revenue” chart and add stretch goals to the visualization.

  1. In CRM, navigate to Settings > Customization > Customize the System
  2. Expand the Goals entity, and select the Charts subsection
  3. Select the chart “Actual vs. Estimated Revenue” and click More Actions > Export Chart
  4. Save the resulting XML file, and open it in a text editor
    1. Add an attribute for stretch goal, so the chart pulls the data
    2. Add a measure, so we can use the stretch target in the chart
    3. Add a series, so we can display the measure on the visualization
  5. Save the altered XML file
  6. In CRM, click More Actions > Import Chart
  7. When warned about creating importing a duplicate chart, select Keep Both
  8. Change name to “Actual vs. Estimated Revenue with Stretch Goals”
  9. Change the description to “Shows the actual and estimated revenue against the target and stretch target.”
  10. Click Import
  11. Publish

For reference, here’s the file contents of “Actual vs. Estimated Revenue.xml” (prior to import) with the modifications highlighted in beautiful bold fuschia:


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