While studying for the Microsoft Exam 74-343, Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013, I did not find very many practice tests to prepare for the certification. I have created a 15-question quiz that will hopefully help you study for your exam. Good luck!

  1. Which view would you use for comparing your project schedule to the baseline?
    A) Gantt Chart
    B) Leveling Gantt
    C) Network Diagram
    D) Tracking Gantt
  2. Which of the following is NOT a Resource Type in Microsoft Project 2013?
    A) Labor
    B) Material
    C) Cost
    D) Work
  3. How would you configure Microsoft Project to display the Project Summary for all new projects?
    A) The Show Project Summary Task checkbox via the Schedule Project Options
    B) The Show Project Summary Task checkbox via the Advanced Project Options
    C) Project Summary Task checkbox via the FORMAT tab
    D) Project Summary Task checkbox via the VIEW tab
  4. In order to accommodate an executive who is using Microsoft Office 2007, you have to Save your Microsoft Project 2013 file as an older version. You want to make sure that the new file contains no added constraints. What should you do before saving the file?
    A) Make sure all tasks are Active
    B) Make sure all of the tasks are automatically scheduled
    C) Make sure all of the tasks are manually scheduled
    D) Make sure all of the summary tasks are automatically scheduled
  5. Your project milestone are slipping past the original delivery dates, and you need to display the slippage visually. What should you do to the milestones?
    A) Add a “Finish No Later Than” constraint
    B) Add a “Finish On” constraint
    C) Add a Finish Date
    D) Add a Deadline
  6. Task A and Task B are in a Finish to Start relationship that was manually scheduled. Task A has a duration of 4 days and Task B has a duration of 8 days. After talking with the developer, you find out that Task A will actually take 6 days. You update the durations for Task A to 6 days, but you notice that Task B now starts 2 days before Task A ends. What should you do to maintain the original task relationship?
    A) Update the the Task relationship to a Finish to Finish relationship
    B)  Add a “Start No Earlier Than” constraint
    C)  Click the “Respect the Links” button on the Task menu
    D)  In the Team Planner view move Task B to the right 2 days
  7. Task A has a task type of Fixed Work with a duration of 6 days, work of 48 hours, and units of 100%. You decide to decrease the work to only 24 hours. How will this affect the other two variables.
    A) The Duration will decrease by 3 days.
    B) The Units will decrease by 50%
    C) the Duration will increase by 3 days.
    D) The Units will increase by 50%.
  8. Which view allows you to see all tasks assigned to a single Resource?
    A) The Task Form
    B) The Task Sheet
    C) The Resource Form
    D) The Resource Sheet
  9. Which view helps visually display resources that are overallocated via vertical bar graph?
    A) The Resource Sheet
    B) The Resource Graph
    C) The Team Planner
    D) The Resource Usage
  10. Your resource, Kelly, originally scheduled time off the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the project was schedule knowing she was out. Due to a strict deadline, your resource is now working the Friday after Thanksgiving. How would you update the project to reflect this change?
    A) Update the Working Time via the Task calendar
    B) Update the Working Time via the Resource calendar
    C) Remove the Exception from the Resource calendar
    D) Remove the Exception from the Project calendar
  11. What is the easiest way to view the legend for the Gantt chart?
    A) Double click an empty area on the Gantt Chart
    B) Right click the Gantt Chart and click View Legend
    C) On the View tab, click the Legend checkbox
    D) On the Format tab, click the Legend checkbox
  12. In order to accommodate an Executive who is used to analyzing project data via an Excel Pivot table, what should you do?
    A) Export the project data into Excel and use Excel to create the Pivot tables
    B) Use the default Dashboard Reports feature
    C) Copy and paste the data from Microsoft Project to Excel
    D) Use the default Visual Reports feature
  13. Which of the following is NOT a Report category?
    A) Dashboards
    B) Resources
    C) In Progress
    D) Schedule
    E) Costs
  14. You need to find all of the Milestones on the project, without hiding other tasks or changing the order of the tasks. What should you do?
    A) Use the Filter on Milestones
    B) Use the Group by on Milestones
    C) Use the Highlight on Milestones
    D) Use the Duration column to filter on 0d tasks
  15. You are using the Resource Sheet to list all of your resources for the project. There is a piece of equipment that costs $15/hour and each time it is used there is a $20 fee. What resource type should you pick?
    A) Labor
    B) Material
    C) Cost
    D) Work





1) D
2) A
3) B
4) B
5) D
6) C
7) A
8) C
9) B
10) C
11) A
12) D
13) D
14) C
15) B

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