I recently read a Harvard Business Review article by Adam Galinsky and Gavin Kilduff about being seen as a leader. In my role at eimagine, I’m constantly looking for new leaders. Whether it is someone to lead a new initiative within eimagine or someone to take the reins of a client or community project, I’m always looking. If you couple this with the proverbial talk of “good people are hard to find,” “we have the best people,” “our people are our most important assets,” you can begin to see why it’s important to be identifying and cultivating new leaders.

Galinsky and Kilduff talk about entering a new group and establishing yourself as a leader. Being a business consulting company, our employees are constantly being introduced to new groups. As such, it is paramount that they be seen as leaders. While they may not be the group leader, inevitably, they are leading something. So how do you ensure success? How can we ensure our employees are seen as leaders? Again I turn to Galinsky and Kilduff who state “the attitude with which you enter a new group – something completely within your control – can help boost your chances of leading it.” That is amazing to me – the attitude you bring can influence your ability to lead.

So how do you bring the right attitude? Galinsky and Kilduff outline a concept of priming for a meeting. One priming technique suggested before heading off to a meeting is to “write about a time when [you] felt excited and joyful.” Basically, write about a time when you were happy, smiling and enjoying life. Think of the good things in your life, the happy moments and put pen to paper and write them down. When you center your mind on happiness and joy, you calm yourself, life just starts to get easier. Challenges seem less challenging, opportunities seem more expansive, leading a group seems natural.

The next time you find yourself heading to a meeting, particularly for a new group or intuitive, take a few moments and prime yourself ahead of time. Put your happy and joyful thoughts down on paper and head off to your meeting. I’m guessing the person walking in with the smile on their face, walks out with one too – leading the group.

To learn more about eimagine’s leaders and how they prime for meetings, give me a call, I’m happy to brag about them.

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