Though nothing public has been released on the subject of Apple’s next product designs and changes, just weeks after its latest releases of the iPhone 5c and 5s, rumors are circulating about the next generation of iPhones.

Not only do experts believe the next models will be available at two price points, but they also feel confident that the iPhone 6 models will focus on display and screen changes.

Rumor 1: Rumors are that at least two additional models of the iPhone will be released, showcasing bigger and curved screens. The new models are predicted to come in two screen sizes:

    • 4.7 inch screen
    • 5.5 inch screen

Rumor 2: The second rumored development underway is the addition of curved glass screens. The new screen would curve downward toward the edges of the phone rather than stop flush against the phone’s bottom edge.

Consumers continue to show interest in large screened phones, and larger screens could drive more users to the iPhone–users who are choosing Samsung’s models over Apple’s smaller screens. Analysts are speculating that Apple’s decision to go bigger with displays and modify the screen is a clear sign that they are hoping to increase their following with these developments.

Rumor 3: A third potential development predicted to showcase in later models of the iPhone includes pressure-sensitive technology that would respond differently based on light or heavy touch.

Analysts predict that the new iPhone will not only come with these flashy upgrades but will likely come with an up in price, something that most likely will not deter the faithful iPhone user. The question is whether the developments will outweigh the rise in price when it comes to attracting new customers.

When will the iPhone 6 become available? It’s believed that the new models will be released mid to late 2014.


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