Speed up your application testing for cross-browser compatibility by enabling multiple default browsers in Visual Studio 2013. By default, Visual Studio is set to use one default browser. To enable this feature:

From the browser list, select “Browse With”.


On the “Browse With –“ dialog window, press CTRL and select all the browsers you would like to use. Once all the browsers are selected, click on “Set as Default” and close the dialog box.


You will now see from the browsers list that “Multiple Browsers” is now enabled.


To use this feature, you must start the web application without debugging or press CTRL-F5. Press CTRL-F5 and watch all selected default browsers open simultaneously. Multiple default browser is only supported when not running on debug mode. You will need to select a specific browser when launching on debug mode.


To disable the feature, simply select one default browser from “Browse With –“ dialog window.

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