A couple of week ago I had an issue with the secondary drive on my local workstation. The whole drive all of a sudden was set to read-only. I’m not exactly sure how it happened. It could be due to a group policy or Windows update. I Googled and suggestions are:

  1. Take full ownership.
  2. Run error-checking
  3. DiskPart

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions worked and I’m an administrator of my local workstation. Whatever I tried, I kept on getting:


So I consulted my current clients IT department. A couple of the IT guys was perplexed as I was. Luckily, another IT guy overheard what was going on and knew how to fix it. It turned out the same issue happened before, but unfortunately the cause is still unknown. Anyway, to fix the problem simply right-click on the drive and turn on BitLocker.


Setup a password and check “Automatically unlock this drive on this computer”. Depending on your drive size this could take about a 1 to 2 hours. Once complete, everything is back to normal.


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